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It’s not just a show, it’s an event! At Stage Rigging Services, Inc. we understand your business and we are committed to providing you with the best tools possible to make every event run smoothly.

The System

Rendering of Show ComposerPacked with standard features and utilizing the power of today’s

computing technology, SRS Show Composer is the next generation in theatrical show control, automation and visualization. Show Composer also supports many optional features including custom developed enhancements to fit your specific needs.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is the key to Show Composer. With it’s multiple views, you can choose how you want device information displayed. From there you simply point and click to obtain detailed status information and perform various control of the selected devices.

Additionally, our 3-D virtual stage view can be used to visualize the stage arrangement for a cue without actually moving anything on the stage. This, along with our jump-to (cue preview) and cue-from (stage arrangement) features, makes cue creation, editing and testing quick and simple.

Standard Features

Multi-level access control.

Support for all major devices.

Customized 3-D virtual stage view.

Multiple interactive views with easy on-screen device selection and control.

Variable speed manual movement.

Multiple device selection and movement.

Device grouping and operational dependencies.

Programmable soft limits and device presets.

Soft start, soft stop, S-curve motion control.

Software based emergency stop.

Manual and graphical cue creation.

Cue sheet load, save and print.

Graphical cue preview.

Displayable device target/destination points.

On screen show and cue timers.

The Architecture

imageThe main control system is a high performance PC platform running the Windows XPT operating system. Utilizing distributed system technology, each motor is controlled through a high performance motor drive by an industry proven single board computer (SBC) with absolute encoder feedback for exceptional performance and accuracy. A high speed Ethernet network between the main control system and SBC components provides real-time system feedback and control.

Additional Views and Capabilities

Optional Features

Dual displays for simultaneous stage display and cue sheet viewing and interaction.

Touch-screen interface.

Multi-station master/slave control.

Wireless tablet PC control.

Networked E-Stop control and reporting.

Contour curtain visualization and support.

Continuous real-time overload and underload detection.

Hard limit feedback with report.

Joystick and alternate input support.

Cue creation and testing with simulated devices.

Custom curtain and backdrop visualizations.

System troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Remote support and update.

Custom feature development.

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Stage Left View

Line Set View

The Stage Left view shows a visualization of the stage from the left side. Borders and legs can be optionally displayed in all virtual stage views. The side view can be used to provide a quick visual determination of line sets and scenery that may be obscured during the front/stage view.

The Line Set view is an alternate view of the line sets on your stage. Each line sets number, name, state and current position are displayed and updated in real-time. Line set configuration and position can easily be manipulated by quickly selecting the desired set with the mouse or through the optional touch screen interface.

Stage View – Contour Curtain

An advanced feature, exclusively available in Show Composer, is the accurate display of a contour curtain. Using real-time physical calculations and modeling, Show Composer makes it easy to create and store numerous custom contours for your system. Show Composer also supports programmable dependency groupings which will constantly monitor curtain positions to help prevent possible overstretching and tearing. While typically used for contour curtains, dependency grouping can also be used to monitor critical position dependencies between almost any set of devices on stage.

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