Stage Rigging Services can provide you with a complete line of theatrical draperies, associated hardware, and systems to meet any specifications.

Our complete services include design, installation, and maintenance for all of your soft goods and their specific hardware. We offer everything from simple hand operated tracks to our PC controlled “CueTrak” software. This software package is designed for the operation of motorized Contour Curtains. Individual pick up lines in this system can be programmed for height, speed, and timing, giving you creative control surpassing the limits of basic, motorized curtains. Our software lets you program multiple looks and moves to make your curtain a part of the performance or to allow consistency and professional results for any type of presentation.

Custom Styles

Stage draperies for any size venue can be manufactured to your specifications. We offer all types of curtain configurations for your proscenium as well as complete cyclorama sets including borders (teasers), legs (tormentors), travelers, cycs, and scrims. All are flameproof material and come complete with bottom pockets and chain weights (except borders), and appropriate tie lines or fasteners. Travelers may be motorized or hand operated.

Stage and studio curtain tracks are available in different sizes and types and may be installed throughout your venue. Curtain machines offer automated traveler operation with floor, track, or overhead machine installation.

Stage Rigging Services offers complete theatrical draperies solutions and expert installation services.

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