“Flying technology” was once Peter Pan; now it’s Miss Saigon!

Modern technology has brought the theater from ropes and sandbags to cables and computers. Wireless communications, intelligent lighting, and complex audio systems combine to provide your audiences with performances that weren’t possible only a few, short years ago. The popularity of motorized rigging systems has increased in direct proportion to the larger and more complex theatrical elements used in today’s productions. Performances require demanding sequences of moves, split second timing, and consistency. Today’s performance spaces present a different challenge to designers and installers. Keeping up with the newest innovations can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned professionals.

Enter SRS!

We’ll show you how to integrate motorized components with traditional counterweight hardware to create a hybrid system of maximum flexibility and quality to support all of your theatrical applications. Our 21st century stage house features a variety of electronic winches doing the work of counterweight bricks and flymen. Flexible assemblies of motorized trusses and spot hoists are deployed to accommodate any rigging scenario. And our “CueTrak” software control ties it all together for seamless operation of complex cues.

Stage Rigging Services: providing intelligent rigging solutions combining modern technology with the arts When it’s show time, give your production staff an edge – the cutting edge.

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