The counterweight rigging system, used in thousands of theaters throughout the world, is based on a simple principal. The complexity of this system is in the details of the installation and the integration of the equipment into the performance space.

Apply a load on one side of the system; add weight to the other side when the mass on both sides is equal, the system is balanced. For hundreds of years this simple concept has allowed the operator of a counterweight system to fly thousands of pounds in or out with ease. A conglomeration of moving parts arbors, hand lines, lift lines, head blocks, floor blocks, loft blocks, battens, rope locks, weights, trim chains… the hardware has been continuously developed and improved to make these rigs better and safer. Installation practices have evolved to a science. End result? A talented flyman turns the laws of physics into art.

That’s where we come in: providing the expertise that transforms a simple concept into a finely-tuned counterweight rigging package that will perform day in and day out, show after show

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