Stage Rigging Services is proud to introduce its latest innovation in stage rigging hardware The Magic-Loc™. The Magic-Loc™ provides an unparalleled level of safety in a convenient rail mountable rope lock.

Popular counterweight rigging systems installed in theatres throughout the world have always had one major safety flaw. To test the balanced condition between the arbor and scenic element, the rope lock has to be disengaged. This can result in a run away line-set that is beyond the capacity of the operator to control. Run away line-sets are extremely dangerous and often result in major equipment damage and injury to personnel.

Magic-Loc Image

Magic-Loc Image

Unlike the standard rope lock, the Magic-Loc™ remains locked when an over balanced or under balanced condition exists. Disengaging the Magic-Loc™ handle will not result in a dangerous run away line set. For added security, a convenient side mounted pointer indicates the out of balanced condition as either arbor heavy or batten heavy before the Magic-Loc™ is disengaged.

To make the Magic-Loc™ available to all theatres, the Magic-Loc™ is designed to mount on any standard locking rail. Since no special hardware or mounting rails are required, the Magic-Loc™ is an economical alternative to the standard rope lock.

Whether you are installing a new counterweight system or retrofitting an existing one, the Magic-Loc™ is the rope lock of choice for the safety minded theatre. Contact Stage Rigging Services for more information about this innovation in theatrical safety.

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